Our Solution

Outshine your competition with eMoldino’s tried and tested manufacturing and supply chain solution. Already in use by multiple global OEMs, we deliver consistent and value-driven results for your organization.


Engineered for Accuracy, Consistency, and Reliability

Once installed on your equipment, our sensors capture critical production data in real time. Designed to be tamper-proof and IP64-rated, each sensor can withstand the harshest conditions during production and maintenance. With thousands of sensors globally installed, eMoldino takes pride in offering our proven hardware to Fortune 500 clients worldwide.

Reliability, consistency, and quality are paramount to our customers, and we are committed to delivering a product that not only meets these criteria but also sets new industry standards. We go beyond what is necessary to ensure our clients receive a solution that surpasses expectations.

Design for Visiblity

Designed for Visibility & Control

Empower your manufacturing operations by accessing real-time production data and taking complete control. Our cloud-based solution offers a wide range of applications, providing detailed reports, predictive analytics, and user-friendly controls. 

Gain immediate insight through dashboards and alert centers, ensuring you have clear visibility into even the most remotely located assets. Enhance your efficiency with graphs, product libraries, and work order features. Experience the power of seamless connectivity and optimize your manufacturing processes.

How it works

Easy to install & delivering accurate data in real-time!

Data Capture

Once installed on your tooling, our plug-and-play sensors automatically start to capture all the necessary production data. This information is then transmitted to a central terminal from where it is uploaded into your individual cloud.

Data Analysis

Our proprietary software churns through all of your production data and delivers it in form of easy to read reports and dashboards, highlighting the most important information, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any potential risk.

Business Execution

Once the data is available in your platform, you’ll receive prescriptive and predictive advice on how to optimize your manufacturing chains and avoid any potential bottlenecks before they arise.


Tooling Asset Management

Tooling Audit
Track the location and status of each asset to prevent loss or misplacement and to improve resource allocation and proactive maintenance.
Life Cycle Management
Access the exact utilization rate of each asset and easily determine which toolings need refurbishment or replacement. Use the data to extend the overall life cycle of your assets and increase the ROI of each tooling
Maintenance Planning

Automatically alerts for Preventive Maintenance,
assigns tasks to engineers, and logs each action for a
comprehensive tool history—supporting quality and
timely refurbishment and tooling replacements.

Tooling Alerts
Receive instant alerts whenever your toolings’ operations are out of the norm or when they are being relocated outside the designated area.

Supply Chain Management

Capacity Planning
Access real-time overview of the product/part capacity of each supplier. Access whether the planned demand can be achieved and confirm whether the current produced amount matches the required quantity.
Demand Compliance
Identify potential bottlenecks by comparing the required production quantity with the actually produced quantity given by your real weekly demand.
Process Change
Monitor and track changes in the toolings’ molding process. Access visualization tools to identify abnormalities or issues in production and gain insights into the patterns of production changes over time.
Quality Analysis

Monitor production speed deviations from approved cycle times and temperature inconsistencies—key
indicators of potential defects.


Production Management

Monitor daily plant and machine OEE through dynamic data. Optimize production efficiency and performance and access the OEE Center Dashboard to get instant insight into unwanted machine downtime.
Production Alerts
Receive alerts based on predefined thresholds, letting you know of any potential risk of machine downtime.
Work Order
Create and manage work orders for various tasks, e.g. Preventive Maintenance. Assign order type, priority, start and due dates, and assign them to specific users.

Value Benefits / Use Cases

Asset Management

Tracking tooling inventory, maintenance times, and utilization rates across multiple locations.

Production Management

Monitor status and performance of tooling assets, identify potential production delays or downtime, and optimize resource allocation.

Executive Decision Making

Gain insights into tooling data to make strategic decisions, assess overall production performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Capacity Planning

Keep oversight of product/part capacity across manufacturing plants and plan your production schedule based on predicted capacity data.

Operational Efficiency

Gain insights into the status of each mold to optimize resource allocation, plan proactive maintenance, and streamline operation.

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Tooling Efficiency

Significantly increased life cycles and optimized tooling operation.
- 0 %


Prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs, keeping your production running continuously.
- 0 %

Scrap Rate

Detect process deviations early on and increase the quality of your parts.
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Supply Costs

Streamline communication with your suppliers and enhance collaboration for greater efficiency.

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