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An end-to-end solution to automatically collect and transmit crucial mold & die data points from internal and external plants.

All information in one place.

​What We offer

IoT Sensor

A wireless IoT sensor that can be easily mounted to any mold and/or die to collect and transmit data.

Analytics Platform

A cloud-base analytics platform that organizes, processes and analyzes collected mold data points.

AI & Machine Learning

A feature that leverages the power of AI & Machine Learning algorithms to predict maintenance and quality.







A Few of Our Clients


Driving Success with Our Clients

Helping global OEMs unleash their full potential.


"We tried many different ways to acquire and manage accurate tooling data. However, as most of our tools are being used by our suppliers, it was difficult to obtain updated and reliable data in real-time. eMoldino was able to help us track and automate the data from our suppliers and in-house facilities and organize that data into a centralized system."

"High scrap rates, short cycle times, and lack of maintenance reduce the lifespans of our molds, adding up to the tooling costs. Tooling is one of our most valuable assets, and yet, we weren't able to acquire data on it proactively once it was outsourced to our suppliers.

eMoldino was the only solution on the market that responded to our needs."

"eMoldino was the inexpensive way to gain valuable insights into our molds. This is primarily because of the well-designed preventive maintenance programs which enhanced the performance of assets and ensured the consistent delivery of optimal results. We are anticipating a tremendous cost reduction, since the extra molds created for backup is no longer necessary. "

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