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How It Works

After successful installation of the IoT sensor, tooling data is then collected and processed to our analytical platform in real-time. From there, clients gain access to a wide variety of data points to better understand, analyze, and optimize their tooling.

Solutions | How It Works

1. Tooling - Wireless IoT Device

  • Automated data collection & transmission

  • No cable attached to machine

  • Easily installed by technicians

2. Manufacturing Plant - Terminal

  • No interference with suppliers' IT

  • One terminal covers an entire plant (Up to 800m radius)

  • Connect up to 542 counters

3. Enterprise - Analytics Platform

  • Cloud-based platform

  • Accessible with mobile devices

  • Access authority management

  • Customization available

Automatic Data Collection

By simply attaching the IoT sensor onto any mold or die, the sensor will automatically track and transmit data on a 24 hour basis until the end of the tooling life. 


Our automatic data collection and transmission onto the platform allows for a smooth and errorless process.


With our state of the art, double encryption security system, users data are kept confidential and protected at all times.

Customized Data Platform

eMoldino provides an easy-to-use platform which enables efficient data usage and visualization. With a strong software team, our platform is scalable for global leaders.

Customized platform for each company to visualize the data in the way they want.

System integration allows you to manage your tooling with a single source of truth.

AI-Powered Data Analytics

With total visibility, our solution is able to crunch data and turn it into powerful analytics, allowing global companies to cut inefficiencies and mitigate risks.


Our ready-to-go reports show you how to turn your data into financial outcomes and reach further peak business performance.

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