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How it works

With over 9 years of implementation experience, our solution has evolved to fit the needs of your specific industry.


Automatic Data Collection

By simply placing an eMoldino IoT sensor onto your molds or dies, it automatically track and transmit the data of the mold 24/7 until the end of your tool life.

Complete automation from data collection to transmission without any human intervention.

Top of line security protects the entire data transmission process under strict encryption.


Customized Data Platform

eMoldino provides an easy-to-use platform which enables efficient data usage and visualization. With a strong software team, our platform is scalable for global leaders.

Customized platform for each company to visualize the data in the way they want.

System integration allows you to manage your tooling with single source of truth.


AI-Powered Data Analytics

With running and static data, our solution is able to crunch data and turn it into meaningful information in making decision.

Powerful analytics for global companies to cut inefficiencies and mitigate risks.

Ready-to-go reports shows you how to turn your data into financial outcomes.

How is my mold doing today?

Glad you asked. Let us show you!

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