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In 2011, Samsung Electronics was searching for a solution that could help them to remotely monitor their mold performance in its supplier and in-house manufacturing facilities around the world. However, they could not find any solution in the market that fit their needs.

As such, they collaborated with eMoldino to co-develop the industry's first wireless mold counter with a big data analytics system. After 2 years of research and development and 3 years of tests and upgrades, the eMoldino Wireless Digital Mold Counter and eMoldino automated tooling data analytics system was introduced in late 2017.

This industrial IoT device is part of a bigger-picture solution that has disruptive implications in the manufacturing sector.  Our software crunch and correlate structured data and move closer to the point of action in real-time. As opposed to older systems that primarily aggregated and computed structured data, our actionable analytics tools are able to learn, reason and deliver prescriptive advice in tooling supply chain management and supplier development.

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