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Solutions | Total Quality Manager

Improve overall asset quality through AI and ML analytics

Ensure high quality products and services within your operational network with the help of an advanced data analytics system that detects errors and provides forecasts on overall part's quality in real-time.


Through Total Quality Manager, quality and consistency can be achieved within every step of production, accentuating quality planning, assurance, control and improvement. Gain comprehensive, detailed reports followed by actionable recommendations to configure machine performance to maintain a desired level of excellence.

Organizations can now incorporate the latest industry practices to guarantee ideal production quality and management with the support of data-driven analytics and processes.

Total Quality Manager

Embed end-to-end smart quality control in parts production

Process Anomaly Detection

Through the assimilation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Process Anomaly Detection can identify actionable signals within your data, uncovering outliers in different KPIs to alert you to key events in your organization.


Analyzation of data deviations and outliers beyond standard thresholds allow for predictive maintenance capabilities, ultimately reducing tooling downtime and forecasting quality of parts before production.

Optimal Production Model

Digressions in product quality and management can be sourced to provide further analysis on your tooling performance. Unwarranted product results are then flagged and reported back to later alter for desired quality results.


Users will be able to monitor and adjust various process conditions (e.g temperature & pressure) to achieve desired product specification standards, enabling optimal tooling performance.

Production Pattern Analysis

Total Quality Manager's dashboard allows users to view the production behavior of each tooling. Real-time process data is collected and production risk level is diagnosed for each shot count number to help you foresee potential rejected parts should the high-risk production be involved.


Our next-level prognostic analysis and scenario simulation gives the OEM the ability to predict the future production of the tooling.

Dyson Case Study

Achieving high quality parts production with real-time data

On account of low visibility within their extended network of suppliers, Dyson found it difficult to perform precise quality management activities.

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