Tooling Big Data Analysis

With IoT Technology

eMoldino presents eShotLink, the first end-to-end tooling big data solution in the world to utilize "Industry 4.0" IoT technology. Created to help OEM procurement & tooling teams identify cost savings in unconsidered avenues.


Industry 4.0 IoT Counter Technology


Tooling Data 
Should Matter to OEMs

For OEMs, manufacturing tools are incredibly expensive and valuable assets. Yet they simply hand them over to their suppliers and rarely hear anything back.


OEMs need a method of knowing where their tools are, and if they're being used to capacity and being properly maintained. Mold counters will provide this information.


Traditional Mold Counters VS

eShotLink IoT Counters

Traditional mechanical shot counters do not transmit data directly or automatically to databases for actionable analytics, and require manual data entry practices.

eShotLink digital mold counters, however, are connected to eShotLink tooling management system, and are thus capable of direct and automated data transmissions and real-time data analysis.



How Does This
Concern Procurement?

Top procurement teams focus on cost savings.

With dynamic data from IoT counters, procurers will be able to review their tooling strategy.

Over the years, thousands of new tooling has been purchased to support production. However, many of them are not being utilized to capacity and lost track in the system after the completion of mass production. Instead of fabricating new tooling, proactive procurement teams would try to identify underutilized tooling and gain maximum value from them.



How Does This

Concern Engineering?

Tooling is valuable and prone to breakage.


Preventative maintenance will improve their longevity, but routine maintenance is difficult, especially when outsourced  suppliers are holding the reins.

To ensure optimal maintenance, you need data. You need to know if your tools are being run at optimal cycle times, if they've been active or in inventory, and if they're maintained properly and timely.


Simple Solutions,

Proven Results

One of eShotLink's greatest advantages is its ease of implementation; simply place it onto a mold or die, turn it on, and it tracks and sends data wirelessly to eShotLink system.


The data from eShotLink allows you to measure supplier actual performance and maximize your tool lifespans and efficiency. Cost savings will kick in immediately and to such effect that it will very likely surprise you, as they did our previous clients.

our clients have said...



High scrap rates, shorten cycle time, and lack of maintenance shorten the lifespans of our molds, adding to our tooling costs. Tooling is one of our most valuable assets, and yet we weren't able to acquire data on them proactively once they were outsourced to our suppliers.

eShotLink was the only solution on the market that responded to our needs.


We tried many different ways to acquire and manage accurate tool data. However, as most of our tools are being used by our suppliers, it was difficult to obtain updated and reliable data in real-time. eShotLink was able to help us track and automate the data from our supplier and in-house facilities to a centralized system.


eShotLink was the inexpensive way to gain insight on our molds. This is primarily because well-designed preventive maintenance programs enhance the performance of assets and ensure they deliver optimum results consistently. We are anticipating cutting tremendous cost, by reducing the number of extra molds for backup.

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