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Last Updated: February 2, 2021


What this Privacy Notice Covers. This Privacy Notice applies only to eMoldino's processing of your Personal Data (we’ll define “processing” and “Personal Data” below) in connection with your browsing of eMoldino website. If you have provided personal data to eMoldino in another context, eMoldino's processing of that personal data is explained in another privacy notice.

Read this Privacy Notice! We want you to feel that our processing of your Personal Data is conducted fairly and transparently, so we want you to read this Privacy Notice. We also understand that you’re busy, and these things can be dense. That’s why we’ve provided...

A Quick Guide to this Privacy Notice. This Privacy Notice is your one-stop-shop for understanding what we’re doing with your Personal Data and why. Of course, you should read it top-to-bottom. In case you don’t have the time right now, you can use the menu below to jump to your topic of interest and come back to the other parts as soon as you can.

  1. ​Who are we?
    You want to know what we mean when we say “eMoldino” (or “us” or “our” or “we”).

  2. ​What are we processing?
    You want to know what personal data we’re processing and how.

  3. ​Why are we processing it?
    You want to know why we need your Personal Data.

  4. How are we processing it?
    You want to know how we process your Personal Data and what that means for you.

  5. ​How long will we have it?
    You want to know how long we’re going to keep your Personal Data.

  6. ​Who else is getting it?
    You want to know if we’re sharing your Personal Data and, if so, with whom.

  7. ​Where is it going?
    You want to know whether your Personal Data is taking any international trips.

  8. ​What if something changes?
    You’re wondering how you’ll know if our processing or this Privacy Notice changes.

  9. ​What can you do about it?
    You don’t like what you’ve seen so far.

  10. ​Anything else?
    You’ve read all of the other sections and haven’t answered your question.

1. Who are we?

When we say “eMoldino” (or “us” or “our” or “we”), we mean eMoldino Co.,Ltd. We don’t mean other companies or individuals that we don’t own or control.

You can find, and send mail to (if you’d like), our headquarters at19F Jongno Tower, 51 Jongno, Seoul, South Korea 03161. If you prefer phone, you can reach us at (+82) 70 7678 6388. Emails related to this Privacy Notice can be sent to info@emoldino.com.

2. What are we processing?

Personal Data We’re Processing.
We are processing some or all of the following information: your language, county and city from which you are browsing, browser, operation system, service provider, and screen resolution. Though this is only used on an anonymized, aggregated basis, we refer to it in this Privacy Notice as “Personal Data.” “Personal Data” may also include other information (like IP address) that we may collect as needed to achieve the “Reasons for Processing” described below.

If it is more helpful, we’d consider most of the Personal Data collected under this Privacy Notice to be “identifiers,” but there is also some geolocation and internet or other electronic network activity information.

How We Get Your Personal Data.
We obtain your Personal Data through tracking technologies (like cookies) from our some of our analytics and related Processors (we’ll define that below).

A Note on Cookies.
Most browsers include an option to clear existing cookies or reject new ones. If you prefer not to use any cookies, you can also opt out in some browsers by adjusting your browser settings. However, if you opt out or reject new cookies, some portions of the website may not function as intended. Note that we currently do not support Do Not Track browser settings.

3. Why are we processing it?

Reasons for Processing.
We obtain all categories of Personal Data through tracking technologies (like cookies) from our some of our Processors that we consider data analytics providers (we’ll define that below).



  • analyzing our web traffic (including where it’s coming from and how it got here);

  • analyzing the effectiveness of our marketing strategies;

  • mapping our sales opportunities to online sources; and

  • gaining insight into individual visitors’ needs.

Lawful Basis.
eMoldino does not process personal data without a lawful basis for doing so. We believe that we have a lawful basis for processing your Personal Data and that our lawful basis is the legitimate interest of eMoldino in collecting and analyzing information regarding the use of our website for marketing, recruiting, and other legitimate business purposes. Achieving these interests is critical to our business, and the processing under this Privacy Notice is necessary to achieve these interests. The provision of your Personal Data is neither a statutory requirement nor a contractual requirement.

4. How are we processing it?

Scope of Processing.
Throughout this Privacy Notice, you’ll see us talk about “processing” your Personal Data. This has a broad definition and refers to everything we’re doing with respect to your Personal Data under this Privacy Notice.

More specifically, though, we are storing your Personal Data and using it to assess and improve our ability to market and to sell to our target market. When we’re done with it (described in more detail below), we may also delete or destroy it. We are not conducting any automated decision-making, including profiling, with respect to your Personal Data.

Consequences of Processing on You.
As a result of our processing your Personal Data, we’ll know when you’ve visited our website, where you were located when you visited, what source drove you to our site, and whether or not you revisit our site. We will not use your Personal Data to send you unwanted communications.

Data Security.
eMoldino takes data security very seriously and will always use reasonable efforts to secure your Personal Data. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, including encryption of personal data transmitted to and from our website and services. However, no data transmission over the Internet is completely secure, so we cannot guarantee the absolute security of this data.

5. How long will we have it?

Personal Data.
There’s no precise time period, but we intend to store your Personal Data at least while we are analyzing our current marketing programs. We expect this period to be one (1) year after you’ve last visited our website.

Deidentified Data.
The description above of our data retention and deletion processes does not apply to any data that we have derived from your Personal Data, provided that this derived data cannot be used to identify you. This data is not considered “Personal Data.”

6. Who else is getting it?

Within eMoldino.x
Your Personal Data will be shared among the employees and contractors that need to use it to develop marketing or recruiting strategies, to make updates to this website, or to otherwise understand our website’s traffic and usage (including its security). It won’t include employees or contractors that have no involvement in marketing, recruiting, security, or our website.

Outside of eMoldino:
eMoldino discloses Personal Data within each category described above for commercial purposes, namely to receive services from our Processors (we’ll define that shortly). However, eMoldino does not, and will not sell your Personal Data. The situations in which your Personal Data may be disclosed are described below.

Your Personal Data will be shared with our marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) providers (also known around here as “Processors”), which are Marketo and Salesforce, respectively. As we expand or otherwise revise our marketing strategies, we may engage additional, similar Processors that may require access to your Personal Data. In all cases, we only make your Personal Data available to Processors who truly need it, and their processing will generally be limited to what is necessary to provide us with the Product-related services.

Change in Control of Sale of our Business
We may share your Personal Data (in all categories) if eMoldino is ever purchased by a third party (regardless of how that happens or whether it’s all or only a portion of eMoldino). This may include sharing prior to the consummation of that purchase. Regardless of who obtains that Personal Data, they will need to keep using it in accordance with this Privacy Notice unless they tell you otherwise. 

Law Enforcement.
Like other global companies, eMoldino is subject to various legal obligations and falls within the jurisdiction of numerous government and law enforcement officials. We will cooperate with these officials, as well as any private parties, as required to enforce and comply with the law. We may disclose your Personal Data as we, in our discretion, believe is necessary or appropriate: (a) to comply with law, regulation, or valid legal process; or (b) to protect our property, rights, and safety, and the property, rights, and safety of a third party or the public in general. If we are going to release your Personal Data on this basis, we will do our best to provide you with prior notice unless doing so is prohibited by law, regulation, or valid legal process or could otherwise be prejudicial to our ability to enforce and/or comply with the law.

7. Where is it going?

eMoldino is a South Korea-based company, and we access your Personal Data from our Processors in the South Korea. Your Personal Data was transferred to the South Korea by those third-party providers pursuant to the appropriate safeguards they have applied (if any). Your Personal Data will not leave the South Korea unless you ask for it back, in which case it will be transferred back to the country in which you reside.

8. What if something changes?

It could happen. This Privacy Notice is current as of February 2nd, 2021, but we may change this Privacy Notice or the way in which we process your Personal Data (including the purpose of that processing or the methods for doing so). If we do, we will update our website to display the current version of this Privacy Notice. We will do our best to notify you of these new versions.

9. What can you do about it?

eMoldino is committed to the cause of giving individuals greater control over the processing of their personal data. In furtherance of this commitment, as one of our “data subjects” (a technical term), you may be entitled to certain rights:


  • Right to Request Information. You have the right to ask us questions about our processing of your Personal Data, including if you feel information is missing from this Privacy Notice.

  • Right to Access. You have the right to request access to your Personal Data.

  • Right to Rectification. You have the right to ask us to correct errors, or to complete omissions, in your Personal Data.

  • Right to Erasure.* You may have the right to ask us to delete your Personal Data. Some people call this the “right to be forgotten.”

  • Right to Object.* You may have the right to object to, and stop, our processing of your Personal Data.

  • Right to Restriction of Processing.* You may have the right to limit our processing of your Personal Data.

  • Right to Data Portability.* You may have the right to receive, or have us transmit to another person, a portable copy of your Personal Data.

The rights above with an asterisk (*) are subject to some conditions and may not be applicable under this Privacy Notice. We’d prefer that you send requests to exercise any of the above-described rights via email at info@eMoldino.com. However, we also take these requests by phone at (+82) 70 7678 6388 (you’ll want to be connected to our legal and/or security teams).

eMoldino will never discriminate against individuals who exercise their legal rights concerning their personal data. It’s your data, and we want you to have a say in how it’s used.

If you’re not happy with what you’ve read so far, or if you believe we’ve overstepped, you can always reach out to your local data protection authority. The identity of your local data protection authority depends on where you live, so we are unable to identify it for you.
10. Anything else?

If we haven’t answered your question yet, you sure do have a lot of questions. Fire those questions over to info@eMoldino.com.

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