Condition-Monitoring Your Molds, Dies, Toolings

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Does it annoy you when your car breaks down halfway through its life expectancy? The same goes for your molds, dies, and toolings!

Condition monitoring. Everyone talks about it. But why is it so important?

Let’s take your car as an example. You need to ride it to get to an important meeting.

But do you know the car’s exact condition? Can you ascertain that the car will not break down along the way? If it does break down, not only will it disrupt your plans and force you to miss the meeting, you will also have to bear the maintenance costs of fixing the car.

Tooling works the same way. To begin with, tooling is the backbone of the whole manufacturing process. It is a manufacturing aid that is used to produce parts or components with different materials for a specific production line.

As it is for a car, if the tooling breaks down midway during the manufacturing process, the production line can experience unnecessarily long downtimes, high maintenance costs, and drastically reduced tooling life expectancy. Thus, understanding the exact condition of the tooling is critical.

We at eMoldino aim to provide a solution that can help you have efficient tooling maintenance through condition monitoring that is on a whole new level than the shot count based maintenance.

What is "Condition Monitoring" and its values?

Put simply, condition monitoring is exactly what it sounds like — the monitoring of your tooling’s current condition. If you attach our eMoldino IoT device on your tooling, our device will monitor and help you understand crucial data of the tooling’s condition such as temperature, pressure, cavity block, cycle time, and maintenance status in real time.

Furthermore, all this data will be transmitted to our platform for you to easily and efficiently manage. You will be able to look at all the data for all the different types of tooling for the different parts you produce in an organized manner.

Therefore, through our platform, we utilize AI & machine learning algorithms to help you identify hidden trends of variables that contribute to tooling break down. Ultimately, eMoldino will help you to understand your tooling, implement condition monitoring, and most importantly, carry out efficient tooling maintenance.

The Benefits of Condition Monitoring in Tooling Maintenance

Risk Mitigation

Risk can be mitigated by avoiding under-maintenance of tooling. If an unexpected breakdown is prevented, you can reduce both unplanned downtime and critical supply chain disruption.

Cost Saving

Preventive maintenance means simplicity and cost effectiveness. In contrast, with corrective maintenance that occurs after breakdown, you end up losing essential production time, spending manpower, sacrificing tooling life time, and incurring higher opportunity costs of up to $250K per each hour of downtime. At the end, businesses can save up to 12-18% through preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance.

Optimized Maintenance Planning

Through eMoldino, you can implement smart use of resources, automatically plan maintenance schedules based on actual needs and priorities, and even access tooling performance after each maintenance to decide whether the maintenance is worth more than buying a new tooling in regards to cost.


With eMoldino’s solution, we want you to ultimately step up your manufacturing process to a whole new level.

We want you to make knowledgeable decisions by fully understanding your tooling and for you to prevent critical issues at an early stage and enhance operational efficiency.

Finally, we want you to see the value in condition monitoring and the importance of maintaining high tooling quality.

If you're interested in upgrading your tooling condition monitoring system, we invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about the exclusive solutions we offer.

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