Tooling Data Visibility Allows OEM´s to Assure Quality, that Up Until Now Has Never Been Possible

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Quality assurance is a massively important area in outsourced manufacturing, yet directed, specialized solutions for it are few and far between.

MES and ERP systems abound in the market, all providing valuable information to their users.

But do they really address quality assurance in a way that targets specific, calculable variables?

Learn how Samsung saved 50% on annual tooling production.

According to our clients, some suppliers has a deliberate tendency to despite several warnings, operate their molds at unacceptable conditions. The logic behind this practice falls in line with suppliers’ interests -- save time and overall costs by completing production as fast as possible.

What suppliers gain in reduced costs and saved time is what OEMs lose in quality control. Products created with lower-than-designated conditions are more likely to have flaws. Low cycle times in the case of a plastics injection mold, for example, may not be enough to adequately cool the plastic, creating damaged goods.

To prevent this from happening, OEMs need to keep track of their suppliers’ cycle times and keep them accountable.

Get started by planning with experts how you might use mold digitalization to assure part quality.

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