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The Problems of Time- and Usage-based Preventive Mold Maintenance

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is Inefficient

For all the talk about doing maintenance before failure occurs, the reality is that preventive maintenance is time-consuming and inefficient.

What we see most commonly in factories today are two types of preventive maintenance (PM):

  1. Time-based PM scheduling maintenance after a mold has been active for a set amount of time.

  2. Usage-based PM scheduling maintenance after a mold has completed a set number of “shots”.

Either way, the "problem" is that PM tries to prevent mold failure by estimating a schedule for when molds might need maintenance.

The Side-Effects of PM

PM means that a mold could go through maintenance when they don’t need it; it could be over-maintained.

Conversely, the mold could also not get maintenance when they actually need it; the mold will be under-maintained:

These side-effects mean that PM can be inefficient and costly.

To truly be efficient, engineers and managers need to schedule maintenance not by time- or usage-based estimation, but based on rules concerning the actual condition of the molds.

Factories commonly see "Usage-based Maintenance" as the best practice. Learn why this is and how we can improve its execution.

Move Beyond Preventive Maintenance

To move beyond PM, tooling managers should use sensors to monitor the data/conditions of molds in real-time. If these conditions reach a certain predefined threshold, tooling managers can be alerted, and maintenance can be conducted exactly when molds need it, thus saving labor and repair costs and minimizing downtime.

This is “rule-based predictive maintenance”. It is far more efficient than PM and only possible through real-time data tracking and dedicated analytics.

Predictive maintenance is the ideal; but for now, it may be enough to augment your current maintenance practices with real-time data tracking.

This is part of how eMoldino provides value to OEMs. Contact us to discuss how we plan on augmenting maintenance for our clients.

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