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Our Client Says: Total Visibility over Contract Manufacturing

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Improve ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ with Real-time Data

What do we mean when we say things like, “manufacturers need forward visibility”?

Applied to production and SCM, ‘visibility’ means knowing where your components are at any given moment along your supply chain. This is doubly important if you rely on external, contract manufacturing. Visibility means knowing how much your suppliers are producing, when they’ll deliver orders, the quality of their parts, and so on.

The driving force behind our company is to provide this ‘big-picture’ visibility through tooling data. We monitor information from toolings (such as shot counts, cycle times, tooling temperature, location) and we crunch it into KPIs that give companies unprecedented real-time visibility.

Lessons Learned from Clients: Parts Deliveries

And not a moment too soon. One of our past clients tells us of an incident where one of their Brazilian suppliers could not deliver their parts on time. In order to solve the problem, the client first needed to know how many parts had already been made, and how fast their other suppliers could pick up the slack.

However, without any form of real-time tracking and monitoring, the client found it exceedingly difficult to access this information. With no data, the client had no visibility; could not oversee their external production, let alone mitigate the damage done by the disruption in their supply chain.

The cause of our client’s misfortune could have been anything: labor strikes, power outages, disorganized management, tool/machine breakdown, overcapacity, high scrap rates, and so on. But without clear and real data, the OEM could not actually pinpoint, track, or rectify their mistakes.

The result? Our client was forced to look for a solution to their visibility problem. They need data over their external manufacturing activities – the lack of it had created a logistical and organizational nightmare for them.

The Takeaway

Our client wasn't alone in its problems.

Lack of data over external manufacturing is nearly ubiquitous. According to Deloitte’s 2018 global chief procurement officer (CPO) survey, 65% of top procurement leaders reported having little or no visibility over their supply chains. So many manufacturers face similar risks as our client or have a similar need for real-time data.

eMoldino satisfies this need with real-time tooling sensors and direct, actionable KPIs. With seven years of experience, we understand what manufacturers need to transform their businesses alongside Industry 4.0.

Visibility over contract manufacturing is just the tip of the iceberg. Subscribe to our email correspondence and hear about what value we can, and have, provided to our clients.

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