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Digitalizing Mold Data with Samsung

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Samsung Electronics understood that manually collecting mold data was inefficient and completely unnecessary. They needed an immediate solution to digitalize their data-collection processes.

The data-tracking IoT solution they chose in 2016 was designed to monitor molds, autonomously collecting all the data Samsung needed straight from the source.

With our help, Samsung could enjoy instant real-time access to their tooling data, instead of painstakingly hand-tracking them as they used to.

Samsung was first interested in tracking shot counts, cycle times, and mold location

The Effects of Real-Time Data on Samsung

Digitalized data-collection gave Samsung even more actionable data analytics. Today, we see optimizations across the board for Samsung, in areas like:

  • Sourcing: benchmarking suppliers based on their compliance with quota deliveries and approved operational parameters

  • Purchasing: saving an estimated $400 million over the years by cutting ~50% of their annual mold production

  • Engineering: maximizing mold usage by identifying mold utilization rates (by comparing actual data with designed parameters)

  • Maintenance: refining maintenance schedules based on the real-time conditions of their molds

  • Supply Chain: making SCM decisions with 100% visibility over parts production quantity & rate, supplier performance benchmarking, delivery risk mitigation, etc.


To eMoldino, data is everything. We want to create practical analytics that impact your entire value chain: lowering costs, delivering on time, minimizing downtime, spotting errors and inefficiencies, and doing away with issues that have long been considered intrinsic to the manufacturing sector.

Real data is the key. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from automated data-collection and our robust, real-time analytics.

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