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Risk Disease, or Court Catastrophe: Remotely Monitor Parts Production, Quality, and Delivery

Consider what OEMs are most concerned about on the contract manufacturing side: whether their parts will be produced on time, whether their parts are of good quality, and whether they’re paying a reasonable price for those parts. If any of these things could be disrupted, OEMs are obliged to travel to production sites to take a look.

Thing is, the current coronavirus pandemic means companies are unwilling to let their employees travel; more so if their suppliers are overseas. Right now, employees are in the unenviable position of either: traveling to suppliers and risking the virus, or contacting with suppliers remotely, hoping for the best, and risking a catastrophe.

The solution? An IoT mold/die monitoring system that monitors all the data OEMs want to see – parts produced, quality adherence, cost optimizations, and so on – without forcing them to physically travel every time an emergency pops up.

No One Wants to Get on a Plane

Observe the new coronavirus. First, let’s be clear: we should all do our best to remain calm, follow public safety measures, and hope for a quick end to the pandemic. But in the meantime, companies are slowing down because of it. In Italy, the government has ordered the shutdown of most of its commercial businesses, following the banning of public gatherings and limiting overseas travel.

People are less willing to travel, period. Over the past two weeks, United Airlines ticket sales have dropped 25%, with a 100% decline in net bookings to Asia and Europe and 70% decline for domestic bookings. Delta reports a 25~35% drop in bookings and 15% slash in its services. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates a 20% decline in worldwide airline revenue ($63bn~113bn).

Because people don’t want to travel, business is suffering. What if, by not traveling, a delivery disruption occurs on the supplier’s watch? Or if a reported tooling failure causes a cascade of faulty parts production? If OEMs really want to be sure, they will want to go see these issues for themselves. And even then, companies won’t risk their employees getting infected.

Inspect Production Remotely, Digitally

Ideally, OEMs should engage with suppliers over a digital management system. This system uses real-time data to monitor production, delivery, and part quality. It automatically identifies asset failure, alerts maintenance, and assesses product quality. It determines the demands of the supply chain, and pinpoints waste and cost inefficiencies. It monitors the health status and activity of your toolings/molds/dies.

On the system is all the data and transparency you need to make decisions. No need to physically travel to production sites, since everything you need to know is on the system.

Now, you don’t have to get on that airplane. Now you can do your job remotely and use real-time data to check for disruptions and emergencies.

Our solution is just that platform. We track tooling data, and allow OEMs to communicate with their suppliers and check up on emergencies without having to travel there themselves.

Assign a meeting online to learn more about our solution. Tell us about your priorities, and learn about eMoldino’s digital platform from the mouths of experts.

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