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Smart Asset Manager

Driving down global asset management costs with total visibility

Establish optimal utilization and procurement practices over your organization’s expensive tooling fleet deployed around the world with always-on monitoring and AI-powered analytics based on true real-time data.

With eMoldino’s Smart Asset Manager, gain full visibility into toolings’ production performance, tooling asset lifetime status, and production readiness of the assets and plants.

See all the automatically stored tooling data, get predictive alerts on end-of-life or underperforming assets, and plan with data-driven suggestions all within our one single cloud platform.

  • Tooling Data Hub

    All tooling data collected through IoT sensors are automatically transmitted and stored in real-time, allowing users to view and analyze essential metrics of globally deployed tooling assets.

    Process parameters such as cycle time, shot counts, temperature, pressure, as well as asset location and utilization rates are continuously monitored, leaving no blind spots for organizational asset management.

  • Asset Lifetime Management

    Based on the compiled performance data of tooling assets, Smart Asset Manager provides real-time and predictive analysis on asset lifetime. Managers can identify premature breakdowns of tooling assets and apply preventive measures in one go, reducing risks from unplanned production downtime.

    Automated alerts and insight reports highlight the parts of the tooling fleet that require managerial attention.

  • Tooling Procurement Planning

    Smart Asset Manager enables data-driven planning of organizational tooling asset procurement by syncing asset lifetime data with future production plans and current production capacity.

    Real-time dashboards and recommendations powered by machine learning algorithms help clients maintain a lean and efficient tooling fleet. Eliminating the need for excess backup toolings and connecting manufacturers with the optimal toolmakers is made possible.

Samsung Case Study

50% of the total tooling costs slashed

Samsung Electronics wanted a definitive answer to their lack of visibility over its globe-spanning supply chain and tooling


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