Do You Work in the Manufacturing Industry?

In Direct Procurement?
As a Molder? A Tooling Manager?

Make Your Job So Much Easier With This Solution,

As It Did For Samsung Electronics, HP, and AmorePacific:


The Wireless, Digital IoT Mold Counter

What's a Manufacturing Mold?

A machine that manufactures your products and components

What's a Mold Counter?

A device created to track mold performance metrics: shot count, cycle time, mold location

What's So Special About It?

eShotLink is the first ever mold counter designed for full IoT communication and integration with OEMs

Dear My Tools,

Why Should You Care?

Cost Reductions

Lower costs in direct procurement

and become a profit-generator

Be prepared for any unexpected disruptions in your supply chain

Know where your molds are and

prevent counterfeiting operations

Risk Mitigation

Asset Management

eShotLink enables you to...

Use metrics to see

mold utilization rates

Identify current

mold status

Gain secure ownership of production data

Automate preventative maintenance procedures

Evaluate suppliers based on performance

Determine yield rates

and scrap rates

Plan ahead;

Gain forward visibility

...all the while being compatible and easy to integrate with existing ERP/MMS systems.

The Manufacturing Process. Made Easy.

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