"Powerful counter with the instant installation"

Digital LCD Monitor

Injection Molding

Location Tracking

Wireless Data Transmission

High-heat Resistant

Water Proof

Temperature Measurement

Pressure Sensor

Communication Range 1000m 

eShotLink Wireless Digital Counter

Traditional Digital Mold Counters





eMoldino offers expert insights and services throughout the entire development process of applications in injection molding, stamping, sand casting, high pressure die casting to industries including but not limited to automotive, packaging, medical, electronics, and aerospace & defense industries.

Not only is it a non-intrusive real time monitoring system but it is also designed for easy installation, Units can be easily adjusted or relocated.


The Power of Tooling Big Data Analytics.

After securing a single true source of data, it comes down to how to process and analyze such a mountain of data to drive financial outcomes and mitigate risks. Our fully integrated platform crunches and correlates structured data and moves closer to the point of action in real-time. As opposed to older systems that primarily aggregated and computed structured data, our actionable analytics tools are able to learn, reason and deliver prescriptive advice.

Asset Management

Every employer needs to keep track of its assets. This means being able to provide visibility of what assets are available to use in a cost-efficient manner for optimal outcomes. 

There are several reasons why businesses believe asset management matters:


The most apparent reason why businesses concern asset management is that it provides insights into what is owned and leased. Particularly where everything is located, where it was last used, and if changes were made (what were the changes made). This helps prevent molds from being lost or any unauthorized relocation of molds happening. 

Unfortunately, tools do not last forever, which is why it is important to acknowledge the history and understand what has been used in order to generate and identify a trend, which can be used to forecast the necessary replacement of molds.

Quality Management

Automated data analysis and reporting allow the evaluation of data quality possible by ensuring the mold comply with the optimal operation metrics in production. The computerized data analysis alerts the engineers if any variations in the case other than the applied metrics are spotted.

Delivery Management

By having direct access to the delivery data of each of the tooling, OEMs will have real-time insights of where each tooling are being produced in the production line. Moreover, the visibility in delivery management helps identify and mitigate risk factors that might hinder and delay the process of delivery.

Cost Management

Provides complete visibility over the actual production pattern of the supplier in terms of cost management. A report on cost analysis will provide a break down of the real part cost, and the variation between budgeted value and the actual price of production. Other cost-related factors will be taken into consideration and provide the best value for the optimization of cost in the production of tooling.

Performance Evaluation

The purpose of an automatic performance evaluation is to provide valuable feedback on performance and to aid necessary improvements for future development; thus, assessment can be conducted on the following areas:

  • Tooling - by analyzing different combinations of resin, machine, operation patterns and external environment.
  • Supplier - Evaluate supplier performance with data-oriented KPIs

  • Tool Maker - Based on data, which tool makers supply tooling with good quality and reasonable pricing. 

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