Injection Molds

Stamping Die


Designed to work with 94% of tooling and endure the toughest manufacturing environments.


Our leading technology

With over 7 years of experience, we have helped many global OEMs on their digital transformation journey.

Complete Wireless

No cable attached with 1km tracking range 

Data Security

Advanced data encryption and transmission

Condition Monitoring

Monitor your tool

health status


5-6 years battery life with replaceable battery

Industrial Use

Waterproof, vibration & high heat tolerance 

Tamper proof

Prevent unintended sensor

removal and/or data manipulation

Online Monitoring

Shot count, cycle time, uptime,

location utilization rate & maintenance

Quality Guaranteed

5 years of R&D with Samsung Electronics

What we cover

Tooling (molds, dies, etc.) is the backbone of manufacturing, molding and shaping the products that serve as the face of product-based companies. 

We are a tried, test, and proven solution with over 7 years of experience serving some of the world's largest global manufacturers. We've installed over 120,000+ sensors across 4 different continents in more than 20+ countries. 

eMoldino is the leading solution that specifically caters to the unique tooling needs of large OEMs and global manufacturers.

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Test at your facility

anywhere in the world

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