10 Reported Outcomes that Guided OEMs

In Tooling Management & Supplier Development

Identify Underutilized Tooling & Reduce CapEx

Every year thousands of new tooling is purchased and outsourced for production. After a few years, many OEMs have no idea of where their tooling are, let alone the remaining life and conditions. A lot of underutilized tooling often collect dust in suppliers' inventory and eventually gets discarded.

eShotLink tooling management solution provides the most up-to-date data for OEMs to identify underutilized tooling and bring them back to life. Furthermore, it allows procurement teams to refine strategic planning to reduce the number of unnecessary tooling and reduce CapEx.

Prolong Mold Life With Automated Maintenance Scheduling

Molds are one of the most expensive properties that OEMs own. But once they are outsourced to supplier facilities, OEMs tend to struggle to ensure whether they are properly maintained. Poor maintenance often lead to shortened mold life and unscheduled mold downtime as a result.

eShotLink mold counter and the system automates the maintenance scheduling by sending maintenance alerts along with maintenance manuals to suppliers when a certain number of shots are completed.

Gain Full Visibility in External Production

Are you still relying on your suppliers to give you some visibility in their production schedules? We all know that one delayed part can sabotage the whole supply chain and cause disastrous consequences.

eShotLink provides OEMs with full visibility in supplier production schedules by monitoring their up-to-date component production quantity and efficiency rate to predict the risk of late delivery and supply chain disruption.

Digitalize Asset Management with Dynamic Data

Do you know how many tooling you have, where they are and which of them are in operation or in inventory? For small companies, yes, you can track your assets in excel sheet manually, but when you have thousands of tooling spreading across supplier and in-house facilities worldwide, you definitely need an automated system.

eShotLink mold counter and its tooling management system tracks the number, location, lifespan, performance and status of molds in real-time and automates the process for smart asset management with live data.

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This report ​includes the details of the following 10 data reporting applications of eShotLink.

  • Underutilized Mold Reporting

  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

  • Supplier On-time Delivery Reporting

  • Asset Management Reporting

  • Supplier Scrap Rate Reporting

  • Mold Lifespan Reporting

  • Cycle Time Discrepancy Alert

  • Unauthorized Mold Activity Alert

  • Unauthorized Mold Movement Alert

  • Mold Replacement Forecast & Alert



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