Built for People Who 
Need Visibility

Managing molds should be an easy task.

By turning tremendous amounts of data into meaningful analytics, one can spend more time building what’s valuable for the business.

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Why OEMs Favor our Platform.

As we primarily serve OEMs, our software is designed to fit the specific needs of the global manufacturing companies.

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Ensure that mold performance data and activity is only visible to predetermined users. Decide which users see which data points and streamline work flow. 

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Datasets are leveraged and cross referenced to create valuable analytics and reports to give actionable insight into cost, quality, and delivery decisions. 

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Hassle-free data transfer from and to other platforms. Tooling data can be easily imported into and exported from the eMoldino platform in various forms.

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Data is well-protected under two layers of security. Data transmissions are encrypted and work within supplier and corporate firewalls.

Key Features

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Realtime Visibility

  • 24/7 automated data transmission

  • Cloud storage of encrypted data

  • Tamper/error-proof IIoT technology

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Actionable Business Intelligence

  • Collection of key process parameters   (cycle time, shot count, temperature, pressure)

  • Customizable real-time data analytics/report

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Interconnective Platform

  • Centralized platform for all entities OEMs, suppliers, eMoldino, and etc.)

  • Unparalleled connectivity via mobile app

eMoldino's enterprise big data platform.

A personalized journey that seamlessly creates powerful, unique message to drive meaningful quantifiable results.