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Predict and respond to
critical parts delivery risks

Secure on-time delivery and design agile procurement processes throughout your organization’s extended global supply chain via automated delivery risk alerts and prescriptive contingent sourcing recommendations.

eMoldino’s Agile Supply Network allows managers to have complete visibility in the production output pattern of all parts supplied and preemptively respond to procurement disruptions, by integrating real-time process data with all relevant data from individual management systems and processing them through machine learning algorithms.


Continuously adapt to the fluctuating environment and capture the market first with enhanced agility and flexibility in the organizational procurement strategy.

Solutions | Agile Supply Network

Agile Supply Network

Establish lean and risk-free parts procurement processes

Production Output Analysis

By processing the historical and real-time production data collected by IIoT sensors installed on the tooling assets, Agile Supply Network analyzes the overall parts production pattern and provides a predictive model of the future production rate for each tooling and the manufacturing facility. Dynamic charts by toolings, parts, and manufacturers provide 360-degree visibility into supply planning.

Data Integration

Formulating a comprehensive database that includes details of organizational demand and supply planning is essential for a precise prescriptive solution. Through extension-based data integration with management systems like ERP and MES, eMoldino allows users to access and manage all data regarding parts sourcing on the Agile Supply Network. A wider scope of data allows more applications utilizing AI technology.

Purchase Order Assessment

By syncing information from the production output analysis with organizational demand and supply data, Agile Supply Network verifies the probability of on-time delivery fulfillment for each purchase order. Once a delivery risk alert is generated, recommended actions and contingent sourcing options are automatically generated based on the real-time production capacity of connected suppliers. Managers can continuously monitor and preemptively maintain an agile process.

Amore Pacific Case Study

Combat counterfeiting problems

Amore Pacific was looking for something to combat the counterfeiting issues plaguing the cosmetics industry.

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